I’m a big fan of Unity3D, great for cross-platform 3D games. So I was glad to find out from my colleague James that Unity is coming to iPhone, a platform I have also invested a good amount of my time in recently.

Typically Flash has formed the basis of my work over the last 7 or 8 years, but I’m finding now that the technologies are all so similar, it’s just syntax (and more often than not those are nigh-on the same). We are also more able to apply our learnings in say Papervision, to OpenGL ES for iPhone or Unity without too much of a learning curve, and more importantly, we have many more options for spreading our ideas across a wide variety of media without incurring the enormous costs that multi-skilling in those areas could have meant before.

On a similar note we now have a new version of Director to play with, which adds yet another possibility to the mix. Previously bandwidth and the cost of being online put a spanner in the works, now it looks like it is time to realise some of the things we used to suggest.

So it’s a very exciting time and hopefully I’ll have more to say (and share) regarding these technologies so stay tuned. 🙂