Unity(3D) Game Development Essentials [Book]

I’ve just been told Packt has released their Unity3D book “Unity Game Development Essentials” by Will Goldstone, I think I first saw this on the author’s own site learnunity3d.com site when Packt released the RAW edition (similar to Safari’s Roughcuts). They are kindly sending a copy so I’ll have a review on here shortly, but for now there’s a sample chapter PDF download here.

October 26, 2009 · Richard

ASDoc (via ANT) When Using Conditional Compilation

This relates to using ASDoc to generate documentation for a Flex or AIR project that uses conditional compilation (read more and see tip at end). Conditional Compilation Just for some background, the Flex compiler supports what is known as conditional compilation. This allows you to set one or more constants via a compiler flag which is then made accessible from anywhere in your code. This may be a boolean, a string, a number and so on....

September 30, 2009 · Richard

Creating Drupal Sites with Flash or Flex: Update

It appears a new Views module has been released which is causing a couple of problems with the Drupal/Flash stuff, so I’ve updated the post to describe the necessary steps. Hopefully the Adobe DevNet article will also be updated soon with these changes. You can read the updated post here.

June 25, 2009 · Richard

Creating Drupal Sites with Flash or Flex

I’m pleased to see that an article I wrote for Adobe DevNet has just gone live. “Creating Drupal Sites for Flash or Flex” describes the benefits of using a CMS for your Flash or Flex sites, how to set everything up, getting Flash talking to Drupal, and also covers the various modules available to power your site. Drupal is probably the most popular open source CMS out there, it has an enormous user community, and the best thing of all is probably the fact that you don’t have to write any PHP or SQL to take advantage of this as a result!...

June 23, 2009 · Richard

The Save Button – A Thing of the Past?

This afternoon I caught a tweet from @afovea which said “Why is a floppy disc icon still indicative of ‘save’ … when was the last time you used a floppy disc?”. He has a very good point, we are stuck with quite a few analogies which have since become anachronisms; no longer part of how we physically use hardware or software; even “files” and “folders” are struggling to migrate the generations, splinted by Spotlight and Windows Search....

June 17, 2009 · Richard

New Monkey Island Game

The Monkey Island games were something of a cult phenomenon, certainly back when I was at school, even though the first two were already retro at that time, I think that just added to their charm. Easily one of the best point-and-click adventures of all time. The Secret of Monkey Island and The Curse of Monkey Island: Le Chuck’s Revenge were VGA masterpieces. The story and humor absolutely first class. The later upgraded 2D and then 3D sequels still hold a candle to the originals, but the news is there’s a new episodic Monkey Island coming out, and a remake of the original to boot....

June 1, 2009 · Richard

Compiling FFMPEG Statically on OS X (and Windows)

I was up extremely late last night figuring this out, so I made some rough notes as I went along. Hopefully they’ll save someone a small nightmare. Disclaimer: I haven’t written C code since I was in my teens, and apart from some Objective-C from the comfort of XCode, I haven’t really done a whole lot of GCC compiling on any system, so this may not be the best way to do any of this....

May 19, 2009 · Richard

Flash on the Beach 2009 Tickets Now on Sale

The schedule has just gone up, new speakers have been added, and tickets are now on sale. You’ll want to get your tickets as soon as possible because the sooner you get them, the cheaper they are, and they’ll be going fast. There are options for companies that wish to send several different employees over the course of the three days (see Flexi-pass option), as well as student tickets and single day tickets....

May 18, 2009 · Richard

EncryptedLocalStore processErrorCode() in AIR

I’ve just migrated from an old MacBook Pro to a new one using Apple’s Migration Assistant. I then thought it’d be a great idea to perform some manual cleanup and accidentally deleted a keychain (in KeyChain Access) which was used by an AIR app I am currently developing. After doing this I started getting the following error when running my app, as soon as it accessed EncryptedLocalStore: Error: general internal error<br></br> at flash....

May 18, 2009 · Richard

Bullet Point Characters Incorrect for Word Documents in OpenOffice Mac

Just a very small post here because I had trouble finding a solution myself. Users of OpenOffice for the Mac may experience odd-looking bullet point characters when opening and saving MS Word .doc files. The character looks like a W inside a box. Anyway, the problem is due to MS Office not encoding the character correctly when saving the file, but the temporary solution is to use OpenOffice’s Font Replacement feature (see Preferences), to replace “Symbol” with “OpenSymbol”....

May 17, 2009 · Richard